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billing stinks at Verizon - can't get my account resolved

On November 23, my account was hacked by an on line store in Michigan.  I live in California.  After losing service for 24 hrs, for all 4 family phones, Verizon still has not corrected my account.  I'm quite un happy with Verizon.

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Re: billing stinks at Verizon - can't get my account resolved


Billing more than stinks...I have had an issue with my employee discount for 5 months..they are terrible..and stupid..can;t wait to end contract!!! No I do not want to speak to someone in the Philippines..even though they do apologize a lot..(LOL) I find it disgusting to not be able to speak with an American service person.  What's wrong with us?  I love my people.  Verizon is high priced and makes it impossible to speak with them...I am not a robot. They certainly call you or notify you quickly if you're late!..

Just disgusted to the hilt...

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