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a REAL "Rockstar"


I know a lot of the ins and outs of your company from the inside due to living with one of your employees for the better part of two years. I know the sales and the numbers and the manipulation tricks played in stores to get HPC, JetPacks and a 4.0 in accessories out. I know what kind of people you send to your Rockstar events, the latest being in Nashville. I know how to spot commission fraud because the employee I lived with was investigated herself for it and I was also a victim of another employee doing so.
     I paid a lot of money to get out of my AT&T contract I was forced into due to the monopolilzation issue you faced back in 2010 in areas of Minnesota (and I'm sure other states) so that I could come back to Verizon where I had received outstanding service in the past. That is not what I received when coming back. My first order for a phone came DOA, then when it was about time for my MUCH needed upgrade (I had dropped my phone and the screen shattered) my upgrade was stolen 4 days early by an unauthorized user on my account in North Carolina. That caused me to have to pay more money for a second insurance claim. That second insurance claim caused my insurance to be auto deleted by Asurion (yet I was not notified). I was finally given a solution for this by being given $400 off a full retail phone. It was the best offer I was going to get from Verizon so I took it and bought a Galaxy S4. I bought accessories knowing that 1) i would need them and 2) it would help the gentleman who was kind enough to place the order for me when I was having troubles. I received the phone and couldn't have been happier. It was everything I had been told it would be and more. 4 days after receiving it, however, I picked it up off the table it was sitting on (in it's new otterbox case) and when I went to turn it on the screen wouldn't turn on. My navigational buttons lit up but the screen wouldn't. I just happened to hold it right and saw there was a crack in it. But how? I still don't know. I felt the screen and looked it over time after time but there was no physical damage to the outside of the phone, front or back. This crack was in the LCD screen. When ordering the S4 I had read reviews and 2 had posted about this happening. It was what made me almost not order the phone....but I thought, what are the odds of that happening to me? Especially if I'm going to protect it in every way possible--otterbox case, screen protectors, insurance....but wait. When I go to file an insurance claim I am told I don't have insurance on my phone. WTF??? I went into multiple locations, chatted online, called Customer Service when I could and called Asurion. Over the course of 2 months not ONE person in all those attempts could tell me why I couldnt place an insurance claim or what my options even were! An employee out of your call center in Mankato, looked into my order, looked into my account, and finally gave me answers as to why nobody was doing anything for me. He didn't try to sell me something like all the reps in the stores, he didn't hang up on me like the 3 times I called customer service, and he didn't leave it at a simple "I'm sorry but I can't do anything for you. You'll have to contact _____(fill in any of the previous places named)____". He looked at the notes placed in my account, the order that was placed for the phone and gave me a solution. It is sad that it took 2 months to find an employee that would do this for me. He single handedly kept me from walking into a store and cancelling all 3 of my lines. I am still not sure I will stay with Verizon once my contract is up due to this fiasco that could have been easily solved and prevented, but Kirby actually did his job while keeping his cool and never once talked to me in a condescending way. He deserves to be recognized as a rockstar even though he isn't a sales rep, Because unlike your sales reps who are looking to make numbers and make commission off accessories, HPCs and new lines, he did what he was hired to do and he did it with integrity. He is a valuable employee to your company and should be recognized as such.

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