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So this is loyalty in customer service...


Dear Verizon!

You are funny...

I always stayed in contact with you, even during hardships and through my unemployment, and although I have been seriously delinquent now and a few times in the past, I stayed in contact, even if I missed a deadline. Then on Jan. 28th, 2014, I finally got a decent job again and made multiple attempts on Monday Feb. 3rd, Tues. Feb 4th, and Wed. Feb 5th to contact you by phone, to give you payday dates and work out a payment plan. In every attempt, I was routed to a recording that threatened disconnect and I could not connect or talk to a live representative in Financial Services or Customer Service. Then soon thereafter, you disconnected my phone. Ironically, I started getting emails to call to set up a payment plan. SORRY, but if that is how you treat all 8 year Verizon customers, good luck with that! You lost me when I couldn't talk to a live representative and I will tell this story as many times as I can, to whomever will listen! I am seriously thinking of turning my HTC Droid DNA into a necklace with the words NO VERIZON on it to invoke conversation.

I too am back in sales and customer service and I would never cut off a customer who wanted to talk about an issue or delinquency.

Good day!


Robert Ellenberger

formerly of 512 745-3_ _ _