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Need a forum for Visual Voice Mail (VVM)


This Community forum thing is great. We can post our thoughts and get to know what others are thinking. I wonder why there is no forum on "Visual Voice Mail (VVM)". I can see forums on My Verizon or Messaging under Wireless. Why not for Visual Voice Mail?  On Android Market or Crackberry, I can see hundreds and thousands of feedback on Visual Voicemail. Why not give us a chance to talk about  VVM here? It'd help Verizon Wireless a lot. We can also get many of our questions answered. It'll be a great self-support forum benefitting both customers like me as well as Verizon.


Don't you think so?

A heavy VVM user

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Re: Need a forum for Visual Voice Mail (VVM)


At this time, we're keeping discussion of the VVM in the Wireless Features - Other board until there's enough interest and discussion to warrant it's own forum.


Thanks for the suggestion, though.  We'll certainly be watching to see how much interest there is.:smileyhappy:

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