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"Allow Data Access" message



I have been getting this pop up intermittently since upgrade. Any way to get rid of it permenantly?

When you click on an answer, it only disappears for a short time (less than 5 minutes)



Re: "Allow Data Access" message


Sounds like an app thats running in the background.


You could try 'OS Monitor' , a free app thats available in the android market.


One thing it does is show running processes.

When you get that error, you could start os monitor and look for an 'app'

you didnt think was running.  If you find one, go into that apps settings

and see if there is an option to not run in background.


I have 3 Fascinates. All recently upgraded to OTA Gingerbread.

None are getting that message, but all 3 have very few market apps on them

that would need to 'allow data access'.