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Samsung Fascinate will go unnoticed by laptop!


My Samsung fascinate will go unnoticed by my laptop when I plug it in all it will do is charge. I wanna use it as a hot spot for my laptop. How do I go about doing that.


Any advice will be helpful!

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Re: Samsung Fascinate will go unnoticed by laptop!


Have you installed the proper USB drivers?

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Re: Samsung Fascinate will go unnoticed by laptop!


This information is for a phone using Firmware 2.35 Build number SCH-I500.EH03.


Verizon gives you a WIFI hotspot app on your phone. This of course requires extra money to use :smileysad:


To access this app go to the home screen

Select the applications icon on the bottom right (unless you customized things)

You fist page upper left should have "3G Mobile Hotspot"

Use this app and use the WIFI on the laptop to connect to the new Access Point which is your phone


I am sorry I can't give more details after starting the application as i do not use that feature. I hate paying extra money just to use that.


This is the preferred verizon way of making your phone a WIFI hotspot for other WIFI devices as it makes them more $$$...



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