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unable to open sd slot


My sd slot won't eject.

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Re: unable to open sd slot

Líder Sénior

If the eject tool isn't working, have you tried using a paper clip?

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Re: unable to open sd slot

Community Manager
Community Manager

We want to make sure you are able to access the SD slot. As stated by Tiki Bar1 were you able to use a paper clip or anything else that allowed you to access the slot?


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Re: unable to open sd slot


head for a verizon store before you break something not covered under the warranty!!

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Re: unable to open sd slot

Sr. Member

Yeah I agree with that one.

Likely the eject tool is working but the holder isn't coming out automatically, perhaps because of a rubber grommet (to assure water resistance).

If it were me? I'd put a small piece of tape on the SD card holder, then I'd use the eject tool, and I'd pull on the tape to see if the holder comes out.