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galaxy s8+ dropping service after screen replacement


Hello, today I took my galaxy to a cell fix shop in town and got a new screen and charging port. after leaving I noticed im not getting 4glte all the time like I used to. I rarely get 1x and when I do it jumps from 1 to 3 bars occasionally when im in town or outside it will connect to 3g or 4glte. this is very frustrating as im at work and basically have a useless phone. ive tried different network settings, restoring, rebooting, etc. am I missing something? thought maybe it was the weather as its been super windy but my co workers Verizon phones have 4glte everywhere where we work like I used to. any help is much appreciated!

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Re: galaxy s8+ dropping service after screen replacement

Asistencia al cliente

We want you to have the service you need. What ZIP Code was this happening in?

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