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corrupted contacts


My wife and I just went through a "nightmare."  I would like feedback from other Galaxy IV owners on this issue.  Somehow her phone got "stuck in a loop" which caused the Contacts list to constantly display an "Updating" message and the following symptoms:

1) The phone indicated that there was little or no storage available on the original 16gb phone memory..

2)  The constant "updating" contacts loop did not get broken by any means we could devise, even removing the battery.

People at Verizon suggested backing up the phone and doing a complete "reset to factory settings."  Unfortunately this "infinte loop" problem prevented the backup process from proceeding, so we lost all contacts, apps, etc., etc.

Have other people had the problem?

Does anyone have an idea what may have caused it?

If there is anything others have been "doing wrong"  or things to avoid, please post them and why you think they are an issue?

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Re: corrupted contacts


The only thing I can think of is that somehow Lynn got an app which was attempting to "synch" her contacts at a time when one of us somehow "broke the connection" between the phone and the synching process.  We maintain the software on our phones via the USB port to our computers which are wired at 1000 mbps to our router which connects to the internet and also provides very good 2.4 and 5 ghz wireless service, but I do not think the problem occurred when her phone was connected to a computer, but rather it originated "at random" and may have gone undetected until the "looping" update filled the entire phone trying to find the end of a corrupted file segment within the built in phone contacts storage.

Doing a complete reset to factory settings did restore the phone to a useable state, but because we could not back it up, restoration of contacts is going to be a PITA, not to mention setting back up everything that depends on stored passwords that were lost in the process.


Re: corrupted contacts

Asistencia al cliente

Tomorrowschild, this issue would certainly have me frustrated too. Regarding her saved cloud content and contacts, have you tried logging in online to see if here information is still found there, or possibly appears complete?


Please keep us posted.

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