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Why am I getting horrible battery life?


I have recently purchased a Samsung Gaxaly S5 and the battery life is horrible.  This is a 2800 mAh battery.  There is no reason I should not be getting at least one day out of it.

I have turned off locations, which I feel I should not have to, VZ Protect, and VZ Cloud.

My screen brightness is turned down to about 20%.

When I went to bed last night the battery was at 52% (Around 10:30 PM).  The phone beeped at 5:45 AM with only 15% battery left.  It dropped roughly 5% an hour when it was not being used.  I have to charge the phone a couple times a day.

Like I said, this phone was just purchased on 5/12/15.  Of course the first thing that customer service wanted me to do is a factory reset.  I just got the phone setup.  So, the reset was done this morning.

What other crap software can I turn off?  What is running in the background that is causing this poor performance from the battery?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions...


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Re: Why am I getting horrible battery life?


I have turned off similar garbage and deleted bloatware. My battery lasts about one day when not plugged in and that is with only a handful of phone calls and a dozen texts. It is not roaming but is hooked to local wireless and checking emails, but no more often than my old Droid Razr. This battery is not as advertised!


Re: Why am I getting horrible battery life?


i find less bloatware than the old s3 & find that using the phone the same as the s3, my batt life has doubled.

no gps, vz protect/cloud, facebook, twitter, don't have any searching for wi-fi when on 4g, no vibration on any notifications.

i have 4 email, two pop3, gmail & yahoo email app, all sync with pc & i go into individual email to check email.

the only immediate notification i get is for text messages.

the above works for me but you may want/need more notifications.