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Where is your heart!??

my daughter, had open heart surgery on June 5. the evening of June 4 I received a text message that my payment failed and to call and make arrangements. ugh, too much going on and I didn't realize I deposited my paycheck into my husband account instead of mine. I was packing up for my daughter's surgery in the morning and asked my husband to call and see what was going on. he didn't underst...and what was happening, major misunderstand again, told me that the $250 payment didn't go through. I assumed he had made the payment... ugh. he didn't. we wake up the next morning extremely early to take my daughter to surgery and I tried calling my mother. my phone wouldn't work. it was shut off. so my husband went to the bank and made the payment that day. while our daughter was on bypass. so our phones would be on for emergencies. then, I get another text. we made two payments two days apart for the original bill. dang it! it can't back too. I called and repaid that second amount on Saturday. $78.11. payments made, we have a new bill due in a couple of days. or yesterday. well, today, our phones won't work again. I call. the 78.11 went too our current bill. not the past due what!? I'm told we have to pay for 2 reconnect because it was shut off the second time. even though I made the payment on Saturday. after asking them to waive it because it should not have been disconnected they refuse. it's valid because we hadn't made a payment arrangement. no, I made a payment! oh, well, then we will credit $20. towards $150 in reconnect fees. no! I asked for a supervisor. where I was told they would split it. 37.50 half ond of the reconnect fees. you've got to be kidding me I said. I seriously hope if you have a family emergency you think back on this and remember how ridiculously you and your supervisor have treated me. She put me on hold again. we will credit $75. I'm exhausted. I've been sleeping in a hospital recliner for 4 nights watching my 4 year old daughter sleep.

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Re: Where is your heart!??
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Although I can see from a human standpoint you went through quite alot.

However verizon uses computers to invoice and you can pay many ways but the money has to be available.

Human error of it was in the wrong bank account and it bounced still means you have NSF fees from your bank and from Verizon. When you are shut off becaused of non payment no matter how it happened you and I would pay the reconnect fee which is in the contract. If it happens again we pay again its the way it is.

Verizon is not heartless because its a non human computer. Due to having a heart they offered to reduce the fees which you owe no matter how you look at it. I am sure with other things on your mind this situation is rare.

Just move past it and try to remember you were not singled out in this day and age computers are our masters. And you cannot argue with a machine.

Re: Where is your heart!??
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Large corporations with 98,000,000 customers have computerized systems.  There is no way they could deal with so many customers otherwise.  Some people don't like the fact there is no personal contact or consideration, but that's the way it is in 2013.  To avoid such problems, you really need to pay all of your bills in full and on time every time.  I used to pay all my bills 7 days before they are due.  Now I pay them 10 to 14 days before they are due.  It's just much easier that way and never any issues.