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When Will Verizon Finally Release Nougat?

Verizon if you don't get your [Removed] together and release Nougat now, I'm going to take this [Removed] Galaxy S7 Edge and [Removed]. I'm tired of reading the news about [Removed] smart phones from [Removed] as far back as 1872 getting Nougat before you [Removed] ! I swear, when my contract is up I am dumping [Removed] ! Biggest carrier, [Removed] If you were the biggest you'd represent and already have it out! Who do you have developing it for you?! [Removed] Seriously, [Removed] We know you are more worried about your bottom line then actually providing updates to your paying customers. Can't believe AT&T [Removed] got it out before you. [Removed]

Profanity removed as required by the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service

Message edited by Verizon Moderator

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