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Tired of having problems with my Galaxy S 111

Ever since the software update, I have been having problems with my phone:

  1. Couldn't make calls to anyone outside my contacts (got this solved after spending 2 hours on the phone with tech NO SUPPORT).
  2. Constant unstable wi-fi connection.
  3. Gmail won't work even when wi-fi is off.
  4. Major battery drain.
  5. Can't access the Google Play Store at all - ever. (I was going to try to reinstall the Gmail Ap)

I was able to get temporary relieve by wiping the cache partition. But, I never know how long this will work. Doing the factory re-set only worked temporarily and is a major inconvenience. I spent hours trying to get my phone back to its previous state with settings and apps. This totally sucks since Verizon customers pay the most for cell phone service.

Also, it's annoying that I have to call from another phone to diagnose problems on my phone. We do not have a home line and sometimes my husband gets home late. I just tried to call Verizon NO SUPPORT and they close at 11pm??? I tried to do an online chat and all reps are busy.

I have been a customer for over 13 years and have overpaid for everything!!

I have heard that T-Mobile is paying for Verizon customers to get out of their contract. Has anyone done this? I would have been gone long ago had it not been for the rotten, stinking, lousy, 2 year contract. NEVER AGAIN. I will wipe my ass with this phone before I sign a new contract. And, I'm telling everyone I know to stay away.

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