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There is absolutely no reason to have an "edge" on both sides of the screen


I found after spending $100 that w/ the proper curved glass screen protector that fit snugly and didn't pop off when putting a case on that the left side curve was more responsive that the right....I'm strictly right handed....and my left is there just to match the other side.....whereas most left handed people are more ambidextrous than most rt WHY diminish the screen the screen size and just have one curve...makes much more sense to me and the scrolling text will show on all the flip/folder cases....BTW, I held onto the fliip view in spite of there's no protection....I had to replace my Note 7 twice, first week of June and first week of July.....if you drop your phone w/ a flip view it will flap open exposing the phone....I've never damaged a phone before..a $400 hard lesson.  Also Samsung needs to  change the wp settings to accept the live wp's you already have....Check out Dual Boot Games Haunted House HD, Christmas HD, and others,  the graphics at amazing and have so many settings

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Re: There is absolutely no reason to have an "edge" on both sides of the screen


it's the price you pay for protection for the phone or access to the sidebar....i choose protection in an otterbox defender

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