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Switching Sprint CDMA Galaxy S3 to Prepaid Verizon?


Is this possible?

I am fed up with Sprint's hidden fees and charges that have appeared on my bills ever since I signed up with them. I am on the most basic unlimited texting/calling plan for smartphones with only 2 lines with no fancy services or add ons. One bill for one month was over $360! That wasn't prorated or anything. And the prices vary wildly month to month (from 170-300) despite never using anything different month to month. And I cannot justify paying them anymore, and customer service hasn't helped. I'm hesitant about signing up for another contract for this exact reason.

Sorry for the rambling. Anyway.

I tried switching to another carrier only to find Sprint's Samsung Galaxy S3 phones do not have a sim card slot. I can't afford to pay for another phone since I paid for this phone upfront when I bought it. I won't pay for another phone upfront when I have a perfectly working one already.

So my question is, am I able to use my Sprint bought Galaxy S3 (that has no sim card slot) for a prepaid plan with Verizon? As an existing device? If not and I have sign up for another contract/plan for this phone, is it possible with this phone? I don't want to go through the steps of ordering a service only to find out it's not compatible afterward like I did for another carrier.

THANK YOU in advance if anyone can help me.

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Switching Sprint CDMA Galaxy S3 to Prepaid Verizon?


No, Sprint's devices are not compatible with Verizon's network, while they both use the same type of network, they use different frequencies.