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Signal strength dropped considerable after lollipop update


I was getting a consistant 3-4 bars on both of my Samsung Galaxy S5's at my house prior to the update.  After the update I'm down to 1-2 bars with 3G and 4G going in and out of service regularly.  My wife has a iPhone 4 and has 3 bars almost all the time at my house, so I doubt it's my location, even though I'm in the mountains.

Also since the lollipop update (which was now well over a month ago), my battery life is down to less than 3 hours, my phone is overheating frequently, apps lock up for a few seconds frequently, I get texts sometime up to 30 minutes late.  What are my options short of getting rid of these phones?

Also since I know Verizon loves to blame my mountain location on my poor performance, the same things occur sitting at my desk at work in downtown Boulder, CO and at my in-laws house in Littleton, CO...both of which have great coverage.

I've tried clearing cache, removing apps that other suspected as troublesome, I've even done a complete reset of my phone, none of which helped out.

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