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SecuriPAC plan


Hi there, I just want to alert other customers about an insurance plan called "SecuriPAC" platinum. In January 2014 I bought from a Verizon seller two cell phones. He advised me to buy insurance for them, 139$ each, in case they were damaged/lost etc. He did not tell me that if that happened, I had to pay 140$ again for each replacement (but it's my fault: it was spelled out in the fine prints, which I did not read before signing). Now, 6 months later, the screen of one of the phones is cracked, and to my surprise I found I had to pay the extra 140$. In conclusion, one has to pay 280$ (420$ in my case) to repair a screen with this insurance (when anybody can have it repaired for 130$ or less without insurance). For more information, you can contact me at I advise all Verizon customers to stay away from this SecuriPAC scam!

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