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Samsung s4 not pairing with Samsung Gear


I purchased the samsung s4 and samsung gear (watch) yesterday and after many attempts to pair the device was told by Samsung and Verizon that the app needed for Verizon phones is not available yet and would be available some time soon. 

When will it be available and why is Verizon the only carrier that is having this issue? 

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Re: Samsung s4 not pairing with Samsung Gear

Sr. Member

Are you sure that only Verizon is having this issue? From what I have read, only the Galaxy Note 3 and the latest 10.1 tablet have the capabilities of linking to the Galaxy Gear. Samsung is planning on having the S4 and the Note 2 link to the Gear at a later date. That's Samsung, not Verizon.


Re: Samsung s4 not pairing with Samsung Gear


Your Galaxy S4 must have Android 4.3 update before it'll link to the Galaxy Gear. Android 4.3 is only on the Note 3 and Note 10.1 (2014 edition) right now. This is the case with all carriers, not just Verizon.

Verizon never gives a date ahead of time for a phone update - plus they have the track record of being slower than all the other carriers.

Did you buy this Galaxy Gear in a Verizon Store? I would have hoped someone would mention this to you - nobody wants to spend $300 on something that won't work until a future point in time.


Re: Samsung s4 not pairing with Samsung Gear


Speaking of the Note 10.1 2014 Edition - when will VZW be releasing it??? Samsung says that they all contain an LTE chip now. So how do i buy one now and only operate it via WiFi not knowing what chip I have - sprint, at&t or vzw compatible?  does anyone know if (in fact) there will be a 64gb model as Samsung has hinted?