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Samsung S10 screen protector


I got the Galaxy S10 a little over a month ago and the screen is all scratched up already and has a little chip. I take good care of my phone and don't drop it so I'm not sure how this happened. Is the screen protector literally that cheap that they preinstalled? I contacted Samsung and they said it a 14 day warranty on the screen protector and they refuse to replace it. Very disappointed in Samsung. They probably know the screen protector is garbage. 

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Re: Samsung S10 screen protector

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You can replace the samsung screen protector for $30. Some Verizon stores carry them. You could also put on a glass protector which should last for the life of your phone, but your fingerprint reader might not work according to Samsung. Probably just telling you that so you buy the Samsung protector.

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Re: Samsung S10 screen protector


unless you've taken the protector off, the scratches are on the protector.......the chip story i'd love to hear.

i personally have had various galaxy's in otterbox defender cases.

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