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Samsung Galaxy S3 4.3 update issues and more


Ok here goes.

I started with the HTC Droid Incredible after a year it started acting up freezing, shutting down on it's own etc etc. I then upgraded and brought the Droid Incredible 2 renewed my contract ( 2 more years ) and still paid $200 with a mail it rebate ( which got declined because I brought the phone and had one day to mail it to them even with the sales manager's note on the paperwork I sent in ) so after 7 months the phone I did the software update- the phone started dropping called, wouldn't let me connect to the internet, died randomly even with a new battery and would get over 101 degrees ( which tech support saw because they used remote log in to mess with the phone ).

I went back to the store they wouldn't do any but upgrade my phone again BUT this time they used the free upgrade that was on my son's phone  ( I have 3 phones on my account and that was the only one with a free upgrade ) I once again had to buy a new phone this time it was the Samsung Galaxy S3 and once again I had to pay $200 and got a $50 mail in rebate. So, Now 8 months later - today exactly- my galaxy down loaded this new update and the battery drains ridiculously example - I turned the phone on it was at 87% I swiped to unlock it and the battery drained to 57%.......... I text a friend and again the battery drained but this time down to 23%. I put the phone back on charger at 23% leave it alone for 47 mins and checked on it to see the battery actually drained down to 18% while CHARGING!!!!!  so forced stopped a lot of useless crap and turned off even more useless crap didn't help. I did a factory (HARD)  reset, hoping it would go back to the off version or at least see if it was apps draining my battery.

I will be taking the phone to the Verizon store in the morning, I will not be doing yet another upgrade to re new my contract, I do have insurance on the phone however, I am not going to paid the $100 brand new phone when the past two times I've done this I have gotten screwed over. I have been a loyal customer for over 8 years now my bill every month isn't cheap roughly $200 a month for 3 phones. ( I know I can do WAY better with a different company ) It seems to me that Verizon makes a LOT of money on this people this happens to.  I think Verizon selling phones that seem to have update issues is very bad for their business.  This problem needs to be resolved.

In their statement posted on the Verizon site -  According to the statement dated 18 November 2013 at 15:37

the link-

Samsung has temporarily suspended the upgrade service and the Android 4.3 update (I9300XXUGMG9) has been pulled from FOTA and Samsung KIES. So you won't be able to update your Galaxy S3 to Android 4.3 at the moment.


IF this was actually pulled from the FOTA how was my phone able to download it today 13 de enero de 2014 and how did it install? Where is Verizon in this mess? Since Samsung's statement why hasn't Verizon made sure this wasn't pushed to their loyal customers? Why is Verizon pushing Faulty updates?

If you can answer this questions that would be fantastic. I am loading this messing along with videos of my issues  to my blog and facebook page ( in case someone on this site removes this or ignores my questions  ;-)  ) so that these issues and the questions I have asked do not get brushed to the side. I am also added a video displaying all of these issues.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 4.3 update issues and more


I'm having the same issues you are having on my S3.  I was on the phone with tech support (Verizon) last Friday for about an hour.  I had to get a bit nasty with the tech when he attempted to blame Samsung for this (Samsung didn't release that update without Verizon's OK- and have you noticed Verizon has added their logo to the startup now?).

My data usage has gone up, battery draining much faster (and I have an extended battery!) and I had to re-load some of my widgets on the phone (including the My Verizon widget).  The tech had me start the phone in Safe Mode (holding down the power, volume rocker and Home button at the same time until the Samsung logon screen shows then let go of the power button while continuing to hold the other two buttons until the phone logs on completely).

Whatever he did remotely seemed to make the phone act better yet he decided I need the update 'reflashed' to the phone.  First he credited my account $30 to take care of any possible data overages.  He then contacted my local Best Buy store to see if they could 'reflash' (upload the update again) the phone. 

I went to Best Buy and had it done the next day.  I think the phone was better before the 'reflash'!  The tech gave me his personal Verizon cell number so I will be calling him back today.

An update for the update is coming yet the release date hasn't been confirmed.  The tech said my account will be monitored for any overages in which I will received credits to cover it.

Good luck, Ginger- and I agree with you: if this doesn't get fixed I will move my business to T-Mobile!

Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 4.3 update issues and more


I'm with you, my phone was working fine on 4.1...     since it updated 2 days ago it has been freezing, battery draining, flashing when a call comes in.. It really is worthless now. For what Verizon charges I expect better than this.

Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 4.3 update issues and more


Make sure to contact Verizon... At the very least you will get a customer

satisfaction $30 credit...

Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 4.3 update issues and more


Having the same problem of battery drain after being told to upgrade to 4.3.  I leave it plugged in until I am just leaving the house and then around 3 when the kids and sitter might have to contact me it is drained.  The battery used to last 1.5 days.  Verizon tech had nothing helpful to offer but said Samsung is "working" on another update and passed me over to Samsung support.  The support person at Samsung said there is no information about such a problem!  When I said it was all over the internet she said she didn't read the internet, she instead looked at the notes Samsung has for the various phones/systems.  As others have stated, this makes the phone basically pointless and it is costing a ton.

Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 4.3 update issues and more


Try this: completely power the phone off after it has recharged and unplug

it. Then start the phone in Safe Mode (hold the power, Home and volume

rocker at the same time until the Samsung splash screen comes on then ONLY

release the power button. You will see the 'Safe Mode' box in the lower

left corner after the phone completely powers up.

Then power the phone down again.

Quita la cubierta trasera del teléfono. Remove the battery and then the Verizon

SIM card. Wait about one minute then put the SIM card and battery back in.

Power up the phone normally.

I'm suggesting this because this is what the Verizon tech had me do and it

appears my phone is acting close to normal now.

Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 4.3 update issues and more

No corresponde

Odd.  My update went through a few days ago.  I wasn't happy because I often turn off Mobile data while i'm out just to save data, money and my battery.  Well they took away the feature to turn off mobile data.

I am not complaining because my battery life is better than it was and I already had my settings set so I don't get any notices unless I want them.

No freezing or crashing and I'm past mid-day on day 2 with 79% battery still left.

Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 4.3 update issues and more


I'm in the same boat.  The download was pushed to my phone and my wife's phone on 14Jan14.  I noticed nothing major yesterday (15Jan14), aside from a few swipes that didn't seem to be acknowledged.  This morning (16Jan14), about 2 hours after unplugging it from the charger, I noticed my phone was blazing hot so I rebooted it. When it came back up, the battery was down to 23% (from 100%) and I had not even used the phone yet (calls or texts).  I emailed my wife to let her know and she said her phone was almost dead as well.

Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 4.3 update issues and more

Community Manager
Community Manager


I understand your concern, I would be worried as well if the phone was hot to touch; rest assured we're here to help and do everything we can to help your phone get back to the best shape. Please make sure your settings are correct, according to these steps . Then, proceed to make sure it's charging correctly . If you continue to have problems please ensure your data is backed up and Auto restore is off ; perform a factory reset and use the phones as new to test.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 4.3 update issues and more

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lizdance40 wrote:

Odd.  My update went through a few days ago.  I wasn't happy because I often turn off Mobile data while i'm out just to save data, money and my battery.  Well they took away the feature to turn off mobile data.

The ability to turn off mobile data wasn't removed, it just may be that you aren't seeing the toggle.  See if this helps: