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S7 Post Oreo Update Lower Signals


Since updating to Oreo, my S7 has been a bit slow and also can have the battery heat up very quickly and very hot at times, this has never happened before, now happens periodically....and I have to take the phone out of my pocket.  The most troubling part is my reception.  In areas where I used to have 4G but one to two bars, I now get the 1x notification and connectivity is horrible.  Never had this before the update, now it is constant.  Very frustrating when you can't really use your phone any longer.

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Re: S7 Post Oreo Update Lower Signals

Asistencia al cliente

AtomBomber, I'm glad you reached out to us. Software updates are designed to enhance the performance of your phone, so I want yours to work normally. In what zip codes are you experiencing trouble? Does this happen indoors or outdoors? Had you downloaded any third-party apps prior to the phone overheating? We look forward to assisting you.


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