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S6/Edge Marshmallow Updates


Is there any idea when these updates will be happening? Same phones on other carriers are getting it. Older phones are getting it through Verizon. There has to be some sort of an idea as to when these updates will be happening. By the time that Marshmallow rolls out, Android 7 will be out. And hopefully 8th doesn't take almost a year for that to hit.

This is really frustrating. Verizon is suppose to be the top dog in this business. Unfortunately, they're looking more like ........

And please, an honest answer with no fake link please. That has been pretty much all that I've seen as far as responses go.

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Re: S6/Edge Marshmallow Updates


All you're going to get from Verizon is some crap canned response about how they understand how waiting for a new software update can be exciting and blah blah blah... You won't get a legit answer from them ever.

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