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S4 newbie questions 1

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I recently got a Galaxy S4 after having a different Samsung phone with an earlier version of Android for a couple of years. I've been setting the phone up and customizing it, using the User Guide as necessary. I've got some questions that don't seem to be covered in the guide that I hope folks here may help me with. I'm going to break this up into several posts so that there aren't too many topics in any one post. To start with a couple of simple questions:

I've noticed that in certain apps that allow text entry, when I select some text I am offered access to the Clipboard, which shows as many as 12 items I've copied there. This is a great, great feature. My question is that, though its use seems obvious, I can't find any documentation on it. It seems to be available in some apps but not in others. Any pointers?

When I go into airplane mode, I always get a confirmation screen. I find it annoying. Is there any way to keep it from appearing?

As it came from the store, the phone made a sound every time I made a selection on the screen. That's OK -- but is there any way to get it to make some sound other than that little splash or drop-hitting-water noise? I've turned Touch sounds off in Settings rather than hear that.

That's enough for now. Thanks for any advice!

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