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S4 mini reboots, overheats, not 4.3 problem problem problem


We just got a S4 mini from Verizon Wireless. The phone was hot most of the times and its operation was slow and with lots of lag. We took it to the store and they just changed the battery and we left.

Again the problem started after a few days.

They had done a hard reset and I guess it was supposed to be upgraded to 4.3. The phone is still on 4.2.2 and still overheats, restarts and lags. The clocks at different parts do not match, surprisingly!

The sad part is the costumer service. When we took it again to the store, they said that we are past the warranty (14 days) and they won't do anything for us. We are paying more than T-mobile or AT & T or Sprint and the service and customer support is just unsatisfactory....very disappointed of the 2-year contract we signed recently. We might switch to T-mobile if there is not going to be a solution. It is absurd that they wasted time for us such that we are pass the warranty time...I can't say this is a customer support...this is like customer trapping!

The question still is how to fix this problem? This is interfering we the life and the work of us.

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Re: S4 mini reboots, overheats, not 4.3 problem problem problem

Asistencia al cliente

I'm so sorry you're having such problems with your new S4 Mini SamyGalaxia! When exactly did you get this phone? Did you get it in a corporate store or an Indirect store? Do you notice it heating up or lagging when using certain functions/applications? Which different screens do you notice the clock displaying different times? Are the minutes off, or entire hours?


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