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S4 & WiFi woes


I have had a consistent track record of data use over many years and several phones.  My current wifi plan is for double the amount of data I typically use.

In mid-December (2013) it jumped dramatically. About the same time I noticed that I was seeing a "your wifi is unstable" notice, but I didn't think too much of it at the time. About 3 weeks into January's billing cycle I got a notice that I had use 75% of my data. I have not ever seen this notice before, so you can imagine it got my attention. After doing a lot of reading here and other sites, I found that in fact my phone was not connecting to wifi anywhere.

After 5 hours of Live Chat, emails,  twitter, and finally a phone call on  a wasted Saturday - it was determined that my phone was now defective. Something to do with the last system upgrade changed the battery management, which caused too much heat, which led to something physically breaking in the wifi of my phone. I was told it is hopeless and there is no fix, only replacement. Because (and they were very clear *only* because) it was still under warranty they sent out a new phone. They promised it a) would not have this issue and b) it was fixed to not develop this issue in the future.

Got the replacement phone in yesterday. It would not connect to home wifi. I decided to take it to work today where it does connect. Came home, still doesn't connect at home. No equipment has changed in the last 6 months. The Actiontec router  works fine with every other wifi connection and there have been no changes to the router settings since original install.

I run a small business and need to be able to do so from home, and in the field. If I can't get this fixed, and soon, I am going to have to move to a different phone, with a different carrier ETF or not.

I welcome all possibilities.

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Re: S4 & WiFi woes

Asistencia al cliente

Hello Pixel!

I completely understand how important it is to make sure that your WiFi is working correctly. I'm sad to hear that the replacement did not solve the issue completely for you. We definitely want to make sure that you're back up and running at 100%!

Just to be clear, the device does connect to WiFi when you are at work? Does it connect to WiFi at any other locations (ie restaurants, libraries, coffee shops)? Does resetting the home router cause any change for you?

Please keep us informed with the details.

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Re: S4 & WiFi woes

Sr. Member


Have you tried going into your wireless router settings and change the channel and bandwidth to a actual number.  Default is usually set at AUTO.  My Belikin router is set to channel 11 and bandwidth is set to 20MHZ. You might also check to see if your router has the latest drivers.


Re: S4 & WiFi woes


I have experienced the same exact issue both at Home, Work and at other locations where I connect to WIFI.

I noticed this issue along with the touch screen not responding to touch somewhere in the Oct 2013 to Nov 2013 timeframe when I received a system update.

Last Thursday I went to a Verizon store and explained the situation to the tech there.  He confirmed I was running the latest software and checked my setting and found not find a problem with either issue.  They were ready to replace my phone (Galaxy S4) until I mentioned the Oct software update.  THey they said replacing my phone would not help because once the latest software was downloaded I would have the same problem again.  I asked when can I elect this to be fixed.  THeir response "wait for the next update and see what happens".  Good customer service, right?

I love the phone but I am starting to think it's some sort of conspiracy for me to go over my data plan. 

Re: S4 & WiFi woes


One thing to try is to go to Settings>WiFi touch the menu button, choose Advanced and make sure the Auto Switch Network is NOT enabled (no check mark.)  This may help.

What bothers me the most is that VZW decided that the Unlimited Data Plans were a bad thing for the customer and that they would save us some money by forcing us to buy shared data plans (or pay retail for phones.)  And since this forced transition, these types of WiFi issues that essentially force you to use your data plan, have run rampant.  I have the same device mix that I have always had on the VZW network and my bill has been consistently higher since they decided to help us out.  I have the 4GB plan and on occasion change up to the 6GB plan for a month if things are getting close and I have consistently paid more for my 4 smartphones since VZW hobbled my data to save me money.  I used to be a AT&T customer, but their coverage wasn't the best, but I understand that their coverage in my area is much better and they have just announced the $160/month 4 Smartphone 10GB plan.  Very attractive as compared to my $250/month 4 Smartphone 4 GB plan with my current carrier.

Just saying,



Re: S4 & WiFi woes

Asistencia al cliente

Hey there jjg1056,

I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues connecting to WiFi as well. We absolutely want to keep you connected. If you go to settings>Wi-Fi-> tap the menu and select advanced, is "Auto Network Switch" on or off? If it is on, please turn it off and test the WiFi connection again.

Are you still having issues with the touch screen not responding? Please provide additional details.

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Re: S4 & WiFi woes


Hola NicholasB_VZW,

I tried your suggestion and it still has not helped. I'm still dropping the

WIFI connect, even though it says I'm connected to my home WiFi network.

As I mentioned before, all of this seem to have started when I did a system

upgrade back in the Oct ­ Nov 2013 timeframe. The same with the touch


With the touchscreen issue. After the screen times out and goes blank or

the phone has not been used in a while, I will press the Home key to get the

password screen. Once the password screen display, I will attempt to enter

my password, but my touches are not picked up. I try a number of time and

still no go. Then I press the Power key on the right side of the phone and

the screen goes blank. It will stay blank for about 40-50 seconds before

responding again. It is as if the phone is rebooting. After the 40-50

seconds, the password screen displays and I'm able to enter my password

until the next time.

I have read posting from many S4 owners who are experiencing the same issue,

so I find it very hard to believe the Verizon or Samsung are not aware of

the issue.

Thanks for your time in this matter.



Re: S4 & WiFi woes


Hola Bdowell,

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it and at first, thought it was working

and then noticed the same old symptoms - Phone displays "Please check your

Internet Connection", when I check the WiFin connection, it shows I'm

connected to my home network.

I will turn off WiFi and then re-enable it and the phone will re-connect to

the WiFi for a short period of time and then drop again. I have even

changed the setting on my wireless router from WPA2-PSK (AES) to WPA-PSK

(TKIP) and this did not help.

I haven't gone to a share plan for everything yet and after this experience

it's making me think twice about upgrading my wife's phone to a smartphone

and changing plans.

I'll see what Verizon will come back with in trying to resolve these issues

for me.

Thanks Again,



Re: S4 & WiFi woes

Asistencia al cliente

I appreacirte you taking the time to try those steps, jjg1056. I would like to test the performance in Safe Mode. Power off Device, press Power button wait until you see Samsung logo. Press and hold Volume Down button until device boots up. Once the device completely boots up, you will see Safe Mode at bottom left corner.
Please let me know if you see any difference in the functions.


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