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S4 Is Muting Spontaneously


I started out with the overheating issues that are apparently not unique to my phone.

Next I am having a very odd issue. I can be talking to someone and then abruptly can't hear

me. The call isn't dropped, but it's as if I am holding the phone far from my mouth, even though

it is next to it.

I am unsure if this is an issue with reception, proximity sensor causing problems or the built

in audio correction software causing problems.

I had my Droid X for over 3 years waiting for the best possible phone. Boy have I ever regretted

this phone. I am outside the 14 day return period, but I need to see if there are other options

given this is a business account?

The SIII is purportedly a solid phone, this one appears to try to put too much into too small a space.

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