RCS on Galaxy S10


Q1 2019 is almost in the books and still no news about RCS functionality for any phones besides the pixel 3. I have a galaxy s10 and would like to be able to use the chat functions that my friends with sprint have been using for a year now. No one cares about 5G, give us RCS!!

Re: RCS on Galaxy S10


I have this question as well. Sprint has it. Tmobile has it on many more devices than Verizon. This needs to become a priority because communication is the primary use of a phone. I have been on Verizon for about 16 years now and it's a bit ridiculous that my brand new Galaxy S10+ is still SMS messaging like my Moto RAZR did back in 2005.

Please increase your efforts to rollout the Chat features (RCS, Universal Profile) you've enabled on Pixel devices to Galaxy devices. This is important to me as a customer and will consider this as a priority. If Verizon doesn't roll it out soon, I will move. 

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