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Please, can I roll back?


My updated went flawlessly, but the update itself is awful!

What happened to my icons on the bottom of my lock screen? I want them back! Just knowing I have emails, etc. is enough I don't need to see them until I unlock my phone.

Why flatten the whole interface? Do you think we LIKE the way the new MS office looks????

Where did the widgets go in the Apps screen? It took me forever to find my Google search bar and put it back where it's been for the past year!

Where did they come up with the colors and how can I change them?

Orange, yellow and bluish text messaging is enough to make you 'lose you cookies'!

That awful greenish-bluish in Contacts! And I have yet to figure out why some of my contacts are gold, some green and some blue.

The email color is just as awful and was 'hide check boxes' the default? Something else I had to dig for before I could turn them back on!

I've opened the 'Developer Options' and tried to change the color scheme, but that changes all the colors, not simply the ones I want to change.

I want to roll back!

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Re: Please, can I roll back?

Líder Sénior

There is no way to roll back.  Guess we will have to wait on Android M.


Re: Please, can I roll back?


I don't know if anyone reads these (or truly believe anyone cares enough to read them) but I am beside myself.  The darn phone has been almost inoperable for 3 days because it keeps bugging me to update. I finally update and it is horrible!!!

I completely agree with clareandmark. If I had known what was going to happen, I would not have allowed the phone to upgrade and made noises to Customer Service to allow me to stay on the previous OS. By the way, disguising an OS change as bug fixes/patching is one sure way to really upset your customers. Not sure if you wanted to follow MS and Sprint's lead and learn how to alienate customers, but this is a good start.

The color scheme hurts my eyes - literally. I have bad eyes. I am not blind but do get headaches easily from eye-strain. The new low-contrast color scheme with no apparent option to change it, is horrible. This website (verizon's) with its low-contrast color scheme is just as bad.

If you are going to do more than a software update - in other words completely change look and feel, etc. - it needs to be optional AND the customer should be advised what is going to happen.  This wasn't just an update to make the phone more secure or use the battery more efficiently or standard patching/bug fixes - you upgraded the OS to lollipop and, given the choice, would have avoided it.

Your customers are not inter-changeable. Each one is unique. Talk to them and give them options. Giving your customers no options and no apparent recourse is the biggest mistake any company can make.

Please find a way to allow me to roll my phone back to the previous OS.


Re: Please, can I roll back?

First. Rollback isn't going to happen. Second, customization is certainly possible---there are plenty of different launchers and skins and themes in the Play store.