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Personalized ring/message tones are not working


I have personalized several people with their own pre-loaded (straight from factory) ring and message tones.  They are saved and showing under their contacts but they don't "work".  It still chimes with the standard default tone.  Thoughts?  I've deleted them and re-added them, turned the phone off and on etc.  No luck.  I have one person it has worked for and I cannot see any differences in their profiles.  Thanks in advance.

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Re: Personalized ring/message tones are not working

Community Manager
Community Manager

HMB33, I love my custom ringtones. Let's get this resolved for you. Even though the contact profile hasn't changed, the manner how you have them saved can be the problem. When you go to those contacts are they saved to the Cloud, Google, or the phone? I recommend deleting and re-adding the contact, then assign the ringtone.


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