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Oreo Update Has Been Released!


Software Version: R16NW.G955USQU2CRB9

Android® Security Patch Level: 2018-02-01

This software update provides Android Oreo to your Samsung Galaxy s8+, with tools to improve your productivity, and the latest Android security patches.

Details can be found at: Samsung Galaxy S8+ Software Update | Verizon Wireless

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Re: Oreo Update Has Been Released!


Don't do it.

It will mess up your phone.

Re: Oreo Update Has Been Released!


Tried it.........still no better than before.  They need a REAL fix to this issue.

Re: Oreo Update Has Been Released!

Asistencia al cliente

GeorgeCT, software updates are intended to enhance the performance of any device, not cause its user to be inconvenienced. We recommend downloading the Android Oreo software updated version for our customer's device. - RobertC_VZW  


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