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Not Receiving Some Phone Calls


Hey all.

  So this issue has been ongoing for a few weeks if not a month or more now. I will not receive phone calls sporadically from people (all others are using IPhones). When they call, I get no notification of their call, no missed call, no call log, no ring, no nothing. On their end, they say the phone connects, rings per normal and goes to my voicemail. Again, I get 0 notification of any of this. I'm typically in a 4G area and have reception during these times, my phone is not in silent mode, airplane mode is off and I have all my updates. It's starting to get really annoying hearing, hey i called you three times today to which i have to argue that i never recieved so much as one call. Any ideas as to the issue?


Re: Not Receiving Some Phone Calls

Asistencia al cliente

We know this can be very frustrating, Fdtopd. We would love to help you resolve this situation as soon as possible. Are you having any issues making calls? Is this only happening with non-iPhone users? Are you using Wi-Fi calling?