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My galaxy s5 is excessively overheating


When using CPU-Z from the Google play store to identify my S5 temperatures, I notice extremely warm temperatures. This occurs even when the phone is resting, not under any load. This seems to be a problem regardless of charging or just throughout the day. Idling indoors, my S5 is in between 50 and 55 degrees Celsius. When I fire up facebook, snapchat, or youtube, my s5 quickly becomes warn and when switching to cpu-z, I read temperatures that fluctuate between 65 and 72 degrees Celsius. Outdoors (I live in Phoenix, AZ its basically 80 degrees F or higher 9 months of the year) my phone reads about 60 thru 65 degrees Celsius idle and again 65-72 degrees under load. My battery typically never has issues, holds a charge maybe 4-6 hours when used almost every hour. The battery temp is usually in the 30s Celsius, I've seen it as high as 42 C outdoors. At these high temperatures, the home button takes 30s of seconds to even bring me to the homepage, the power/screen sleep button takes minutes to shut off the screen, and the keyboard stops responding as well as touchwiz home. Surprisingly, I've only ever had an overheat notification once.

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