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My S3 will not make/receive calls or send texts.

Since a trip about 3 weeks my phone has had an issue with making/receiving calls and sending texts.  It is random, won't work at home or work one day but will the next however it is getting worse.  I do not have any issue with mobile data and I receive texts with no problem.  Also have an issue when the phone does make a call no one can hear me...I can hear them just fine.  My be a seperate issue however the microphone issue started the same time as the other issue.  ¿Alguna sugerencia?

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Re: My S3 will not make/receive calls or send texts.
Asistencia al cliente

Rsmallfo, thanks for posting. Are you still having with your SIII? What software version are you running? Have you tried this: http://bit.ly/WJ6d0y and retested? Is there any physical or water damage to the phone? Please give more details. I would love to help.

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