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Multiple weeks of calendars not showing up on Galaxy S5


Multiple weeks of my calendar entries are not showing up on my phone calendar. Every date prior to February 25th is fine, the dates of March 22 - 29th have some entries but not all, and everything after April 27th is fine. For some strange reason, no calendar entries from my Google or business calendar are showing up for February 25th - March 21st and for March 30th - April 26th. All of the entries show up in my online Google calendar and all show up in my Outlook business calendar. I have tried un-checking and re-checking the specific calendars within the app (didn't help), I have tried selecting "sync now" (didn't help), I tried installing the Google calendar app instead of the default calendar app on the Galaxy S5 (didn't help), I have cleared the cache on the phone (didn't help). As an example, I have a standard appointment on Thursdays at 4:00 that was entered in as a reoccurring event, it last shows up on my calendar app on February 18th and then does not show up again until April 28th. I am at a loss at what to do now. With the exception of my Outlook entries, all of these events were originally entered directly in to the phone app. Please help!

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Re: Multiple weeks of calendars not showing up on Galaxy S5

Community Manager
Community Manager


Thanks for reaching out to us on the community member forums. Let's see if we can get this figured out. I know calendar issues can be significant. It sounds like yo've already tries a lot of the basics. I would recommend reviewing the troubleshooting steps Google's got listed on their Calendar support site next. You can locate this here: Just click "Android" on the page and you'll be taken to their recommended steps. Please let us know if these steps help.

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