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Having issues with text messaging Samsung Galaxy S III


I've been using this phone for almost a year now, ever since it came out actually. I haven't had a single issue with this phone and it's been working wonders compared to my old phone. About two months ago, when the new patch for the phone came out, I've been having some SERIOUS issues with texting. Every now and then I will be texting a friend and messaging will freak out on me. Usually I will receive a text, open the message, read it then type up the text with no problem, but when I go to send the message (excuse my language) but all hell breaks loose after that. The messaging app will stay open, but it will not show any texts in the conversation, it will only show who I am talking to. When I press the back button ALL of my messages have disappeared from ALL conversations. I will exit back to the main screen, then reopen messaging, for a few milliseconds my previous messages will appear then disappear. I don't know why this is happening and I've tried many common tricks to remedy this. Like, turning off the phone, taking the battery out for a minute then turning it back on. This fixes it for a few hours, then it happens again. I cleared the cache after that to see if that was the issue, it wasn't since it didn't even begin to remedy it. I when to task manager and killed the messaging app altogether then reopened it, this didn't work either. I can't get a new phone for almost another year, and this is getting really annoying. Anybody else having these same issues and knows how to CURE the issue, rather than fix it for a small amount of time?

(Tried to make this as detailed as possible for best technical help, have any questions about this, please reply the questions and I will get back to them as swiftly as possible.)

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