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Hacked and rooted! How do I regain control of my device?


I am noticing a lot of applications running on my phone that weren't there when I bought it, and I didn't install. They are running in the background and can't be disabled. It looks like the hacker is trying to steal data and wifi. The only thing that i can think to do is turn on airplane mode, disable wifi, and then force stop everything and reset all my passwords... but that won't help that much because as soon as i go online again they will gain access to my phone again. HELP

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Re: Hacked and rooted! How do I regain control of my device?

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some of those apps are add-on services necessary for the phone to function. if you're concerned that someone managed to get access to your phone back up your photos, contacts, etc and do a hard reset. that will wipe the phone clean as if just came out of the box for the first time.

p.s. if i was going to spend the time to "hack" your device I'd probably run up your bill quite a bit as it is a time consuming endeavor.