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Google Wallet


Does Verizon have any plan to allow Google Wallet on their network? ISIS will never be as good as Google Wallet because it is designed by and improved by a democratic company that allows you to make your own choice therefore giving you the opportunity to have a clear opinion instead of a forced clouded one. Think about it this way, if you are told that you are going to have to use something and like it without being given the opportunity to shop around, you are always going to recent the one that is forcing you, and never be able to truly appreciate the thing you are being forced to do or use, whether good or bad. myself, i see ISIS as having potential. At the moment, it sucks because it only allows you to use (here again being forced to use only a select product) American Express or CHASE cards. If it actually was more adaptable to more people's lifestyles, maybe more people would like it. I've been a Verizon customer for almost 18 years now and this is one of the snobbiest things I've seen you guys do. If you believe in your product, then believe in it enough to let US make that choice, otherwise, WE are always going to have a bad opinion of the thing you are forcing on US.

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