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Galaxy S4 Vs. Galaxy S5 Vs. HTC One M8



I was thinking of switching over to the "Edge" program and was looking at phones.  I currently have the Galaxy S4 and was looking into the HTC One M8.  But, with the S5 on the way, I was thinking of holding off.  But, the question I have is which would be the overall better phone?  I know there are pros and cons to all three phones.  I do like the metal body of the HTC One instead of the plastic one on the Samsung phones.  My main issue (it is kind of trivial) between the phones is the camera.  The HTC One only has a 4 MP camera while the S4 and S5 should have the 16 MP if I am not mistaken. 

What say you all on here fellow S4 users?

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Re: Galaxy S4 Vs. Galaxy S5 Vs. HTC One M8

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S4 have 13 MP camera.  S5 will have 16 MP both Samsung phone have removable battery.  The HTC does not which is why I am going to pass on the new HTC.  Batteries do fail and have to be replaced and with the HTC that issue as to how it would be replaced and how the battery is warranted is not clear to me.  If VZW handles the warranty for it you end up with a refurb phone.  If it has to be sent to HTC how long you going to be without a phone.  I am going to keep my S4 for a while longer maybe until the Note 4 comes out.  I do like many things about the S5 but just not enough to pay the full price.  If I find a good used one in a few months on I may change my mind.  I stayed away from the Note 3 as there were to many having trouble with call quality issues.

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Re: Galaxy S4 Vs. Galaxy S5 Vs. HTC One M8


If I were looking to buy one now I would seriously look at the HTC.

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