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Fingerprint Scanner Galaxy S7


Has anyone had trouble with their fingerprint scanner on their Galaxy S7 since the update to G930VVRS8CRK2 in December?  I updated on 12/18.

The fingerprint scanner has never been perfect on this phone and frequently took 2 and sometimes 3 attempts but since that update it rarely works at all.  I've tried all the "normal" solutions; wiped the cache partition, deleted the fingerprint cache and data from the app, turned fingerprints off and re-scanned, rebooted phone, nothing has helped. 

The strange thing is once I unlock my phone, I hardly ever get a "not recognized" when using fingerprint scan for other apps, for example banking.  It's just unlocking the phone.

Model SM-G930V

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Re: Fingerprint Scanner Galaxy S7


the finger has to be clean.

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