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Device gets hot hot hot. Galaxy S4


Just got my new, White S4 today, not certified refurbished but brand new.  Unboxed it, put the battery in, back cover on and started the setup assistant. After the setup assistant was finished (2-5 minutes) the phone was warm.  I didn't think anything about it.  An hour later, it was uncomfortable to hold, especially around the rear battery area and the front of the glass screen.  I am afraid if I take it back to the store ( i ordered it through tech support over the phone) they will try to give me a refurbished one. Don't know what to do. It even stays real hot while not charging with the screen off.

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Re: Device gets hot hot hot. Galaxy S4


It's not just you. With normal use it can get warm to touch. Sin embargo,

shortly after purchase it was in my holster not even using it. When I

took it out it was so hot I could barely hold it and it had turned itself

off, presumably so it wouldn't catch on fire I guess.

If I could return it I would and go back to my 3 year old Droid X. Wait until

you get the not dropped dropped calls. People can't hear me, but it doesn't

fully drop. Don't know if it is a proximity or audio addon issue.

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