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Can not connect to 4g or 3g data network with samsung galaxy s4


I have not been able to access the internet over the data network at all on my galaxy s4 verizon phone.  All of the proper settings are correctly configured and, according to the workers at my local verizon store, the account is fine and doesn't have any problems. 

My phone recognizes that there is a 4g connection, and appears to be connected to an access point but is never able to reach the internet.  The connection simply hangs.

At the verizon store, the workers looked at my settings, removed and reinserted the battery into the phone and performed a factory reset on my phone.  Nothing worked and we determined that there must be a physical problem with the phone. They told me to call customer service to try to exchange this for a new phone but I'd really like to see if I can fix this.  Does anybody know what might be wrong and how to fix it?

The verizon workers confirmed that my account is in order, and every other phone on the account can access the network over 4g.   This problem began abruptly about a month ago.

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Re: Can not connect to 4g or 3g data network with samsung galaxy s4

Asistencia al cliente

Oh my, I can understand your concern recursor94. It's important to have a reliable smartphone, and we want you to enjoy your data connection as well. Please clarify when you say access point. Have you removed/re-inserted the SIM card? Place device in Safe Mode and test your data connection. Keep us posted.

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