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Callers cannot hear me on the phone

I've had a problem with my Samsung Galaxy SIII almost since I purchased it a few months back. When on a phone call, people cannot hear me unless I use an external headset or Bluetooth. Occasionally using speakerphone works, but as time goes on, that works less frequently. Please help!

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Re: Callers cannot hear me on the phone
Asistencia al cliente


Thank you for reaching out to us. I am sorry to hear of your troubles with your device. We certainly want you to always have a working phone. It sounds like you have a broken internal speaker. Are you still under warranty or have insurance on the device? Is their any damage to the phone? If none, then you should be able to get a replacement device. You can try to do a factory reset to see if the issue is possibly stemming from an internal application issue, but more then like it is from the speaker. Keep us updated on this information so we can figure out the next steps to take.


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