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After battery drained - phone not connecting to mobile network, constantly rebooting


This has happened to my phone twice - the first time Samsung replaced the LCD and shipped it back. A week later the same thing happened again:

Phone was working fine. Battery drained completely. After plugging in to charge it, phone started constantly rebooting. It would stay on as long as I would keep using it. But if I put it down put a couple minutes, it would restart.

Also, could not make any calls/receive messages. Sim card works fine in my SIII, so it is not a bad sim card. The phone just won't recognize any sims.

First time this happened was after a few months. I tried wiping the phone completely, but when it came time to set it back up, it still did not recognize the sim, so I couldn't get past the activation screen.

Anyone have something similar happen?

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