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4.1.2 update and NFC?


I recently updated to the new version of 4.1.2, and in the description of the new enhancements, it says that NFC is now easier to turn on. Not only do I see no changes in the NFC, but now the notification bar doesn't even show when it is turned on. I also read that there is supposed to be a toggle switch to turn it on and off in the task manager bar, but there is none? So where are the changes for NFC?

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Re: 4.1.2 update and NFC?

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Hi alecrobs. I hope you're enjoying all the rest of the fantastic improvements the recent S3 update provided. The update had two great NFC related. The first was the addition of the premium suite feature for Auto Share Shotwhere you can connect two devices in Share Shot mode with S Beam. It also addressed the difficulties some were experiencing turning on this fabulous feature. For all the great benefits the Verizon Wireless version has, please visit You should still be able to turn on NFC the same way as before the update, If you continue to have trouble, try removing/reinserting the battery to refresh the phone. Much like a computer, the phone may need to be reset with the installation of new software.

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