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23 Months from now...


... my next phone will be dumber than my decision to buy a Samsung Galaxy S4. To anyone who will happen upon this message and is looking to purchase a new phone, my advice is that if you are looking at getting a Galaxy S4 then all I can say is DON'T.

Thank you verizon (lower case v intentional) for your bloatware, your draconian terms of service agreement, your terrible customer service, your inflated prices, your inferior products, and for you just being you.

In the meantime my refurbished replacement to a truly over-hyped, steaming piece of moose dung phone that failed on me within a month of purchase will arrive right in the middle of my vacation week that I must now wait around for otherwise you'll charge me $500 I don't ship off my original phone within five business days for some ungodly, unknown reason. Your shareholders should rest easy knowing that all that money just to get some scratched up replacement is money well spent on them.

23 months and counting... and for each month that passes by I will return to this site to remind, and to educate any poor fool who happens upon your doorstep on what lays in-store for them.

To be continued next month.

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Re: 23 Months from now...

Sr. Member

Make sure when you send your current phone back that you use your own Fed Ex Label and NOT the one they send you. It will cost you a few bucks to do it but make sure that you

1) Take a picture of the contents of the box before you send it

2) Add some packing inside the box to make sure the phone is protected

3) record the weight of the box

4) insure the box for $500-$600

5) track the phone and print out the signature when it is actually received back at Verizon

If not (and you may still run into this) you will get charged for the phone not being returned

Be told that the phone was damaged or not the correct phone

Be told that the Box was empty

You can see the nightmares on many other posts on this bpard about this.


Re: 23 Months from now...


Thanks for the advice. I will take them to heart. I do find myself wondering why I should use my own FedEx label and not theirs.