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bootloader unlock. oem fastboot enable, and fastboot turned back on for the note 10+


i am requesting that the bootloader, oem unlock toggle, and fastboot be re enabled.

look i paid good money for my cellphone, only to find that yes, it voids the warrenty, trips knox, and makes some programs unsuable, ok cool. the excuse you gave me for not wanting to unlock my bootloader was that i did not own the software on the phone, just the hardware it's self. ok i can deal with that. i'll remove the verizion fattend firmware thats on here, and exchange it for another unlocked carrer less OEM firmware from samsung (yes you can actually do that) but in order to do that, i need 2 things to happen. 1) need to be able to unlock the bootloader and the OEM unlock toggle switch in developer options. 2) enable the fastboot commands to work. once i get those things i can remove YOUR software, and INSTALL mine.

what you are doing by locking the bootloader and disableing root is stifiling the free exchange of ideas between programmers and devlopers, and stifling inovation that would help the end user out in the end.

it's the equivilent of buying a ferrari and being told by the dealer that you may not modify the motor, or the color or the shape of the car though you just bought it. does that seem fair to you?

the body of the car in this case is MY note 10+ your software is the equivilant of the cars motor.

your basically telling me i can't modify my car because you own certain things about the car even though i paid for it. somehow in this case i don't see alot of people buying ferrari's.


here's what i'd like to have happen. i'd like to remove YOUR software from MY phone,

i want to be able to install a non carrier branded os on the phone (and don't tell me its not possible. i got a note 4 to show you that would prove that.) so that i can install my own firmware and recovery. i don't NEED your software. i can use unbranded samsung OEM firmware straight from samsung servers, but again in order to do that i need you all to allow me to remove YOUR software from my phone, seeing as that was your techs argument. i own the phone not the software. well then take your software back and let me keep my phone, i have all the tools needed to do what i want. i just don't have the right user permissions ON THE PHONE I PAID FOR!!!!!


if you pay as much as i am for the note 10+ you'd want the whole shebang not just bits and peaces of it under your control. so please verizon guys let me have the ability to have root on MY phone?

you don't want to give me ownership over my software to remove yours? thats kinda dumb don't you think?

and obviously by how i am talking here i know quite alot about rooting and modding phones, it's not hard, and in the end it does what? remove some control you have over whats on my phone and how i can use it? dosen't seem right. i paid for my house....i can modify it however i see fit, your cellphone should be the same way. you buy it, it's yours. i know it voids the warrenty, i know that it trips KNOX to do all of this, does it look like i care? no.


so please take into consideration my request, i'd really appriciate it.


Re: bootloader unlock. oem fastboot enable, and fastboot turned back on for the note 10+


i second this motion. If this is part of a contract signed by the user. I challenge that this goes against consumer rights. Furthermore, this makes it obvious that the company is choosing to monopolize how consumer data traffic is handled. For example, removing the ability of users to remove apps like Facebook. 

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