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Text to email


Is it possible to send a text message to an email?

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Re: Text to email

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You can copy the text and paste in an email and send, or on some phones you can long press the text and forward to an email.

You can send a text message from your email to any Verizon Wireless mobile number.

Redacta un mensaje como si estuvieras enviando un correo electrónico estándar.

In the To field, enter the 10-digit mobile number of the recipient followed by (e.g.,

Envía el mensaje.

As far as sending a text directly to an email address, yes.  Just create a new text and enter the email address into the recipient field, compose text message, and send.  The message will show up in the recipient's inbox as

Re: Text to email


I figured out my issue. What I was trying to do was send an existing text to an email. What I did was click on the text...not on the actual words of the text but the background in the text area. It gave me a drop down menu. One of the options was to forward it. I send it to my email and it worked. Thank you for your assistance.