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Supplementary Services


I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus. I would like to forward certain  callers to voicemail. All of the online instructions send me to feature that verizon has disabled like supplementary services. Now can I use this feature?


Re: Supplementary Services

Asistencia al cliente

Great question! Please keep in mind that the Call Forwarding option doesn't allow you to send specific or all calls to voicemail. However, you can turn on Call Forwarding from your mobile phone:

  • Forward all calls immediately (the mobile phone won't ring) - Call *72 + the 10-digit number that you want to forward your calls to (e.g., *72-908-123-4567).

  • Forward calls when there's no answer (the mobile phone will ring first) - Call *71 + the 10-digit number that you want to forward your calls to (e.g., *71-908-123-4567).

Since you have an Android device and if the phone number you'd like to send to your phone's voicemail has been added to your contacts list, you'll find these steps helpful. 


Step 1: Open the contact info (From your phone's contact list) for the person you want to send directly to voice mail.


Step 2: Press the Menu button and select Options.


Step 3: On the screen that loads, check the box next to Incoming calls (Send calls directly to voicemail).


Please let us know if this helps you. - RobertC_VZW