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Re: Return Box?


I finally got my box today and will drop it off at UPS tomorrow. I ordered my new LG V20 on Oct 20th and got it on Oct 25th. I never got an email or text about the box. I'm just glad I can finally send it back so I will eventually get refunded.

Re: Return Box?


I agree on returning the 2nd Note 7 has NOT been a good experience. I too paid money upfront ($500)and was told by Verizon that you had to return the Note 7 first before a refund would be issued. This is after waiting around for 2 weeks with the expectation Verizon would just send the shipping box (I has to reach out to Verizon directly and request a shipping label)

At the time even the online Verizon support did not know the process of return and we spent most of the time either researching or calling Samsung direct to find out Verizon was responsible for shipping phone back to their warehouse. A shipping label was sent to me from Verizon and the phone has been retuned  ( save the shipping confirmation # for verification). I am waiting for my refund to appear on my bill. Wonder how long this will be?

In the mean time; the new bill has come and of course Verizon expects full payment of the Droid phone that was purchased before refunding my $500 cash I paid upfront. Samsung lost me a customer and Verizon may not be far behind. I pay my bill on time, why should I have to suffer poor customer service. Unacceptable!

Re: Return Box?


Having the exact same issues. I have been trying to get refunded for my Note 7 ($400) for a month now. I had to pay another $400 out of pocket for a replacement S7 Edge. I have received multiple promises, but each and every rep has faded away and not seen this to a conclusion as promised. I am a stockholder of Verizon and will be selling my positions  and switching providers . There is no way to support this inept company in good conscious .

Re: Return Box?

Empleado de Verizon


Getting the proper refund for your phone is imperative. I've sent you a private message to further review this for you.


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