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RCS Messaging (Chat Features)


Dear VerizonWireless,

I'd like to know exactly what your logic is or what exactly is the delay on providing your customers with RCS messaging.

I thought you were "America's Best Network" but you're holding off on some of the latest features that smartphones have to offer today. Yet, you can sell a $1,500 phone exclusivly.... for what?..... A 5G Network that's only currently working in like maybe 10 cities. Priorities!!! If you can sell a $1,500 phone, shouldn't it have the latest and greatest features that smartphone technology can offer today. Yes I know it's on the Pixel, sorry but not good enough! 

Then your representatives are on these forums saying that they're not sure if you're even going to come out with this feature let alone when it will be available. Come on VerizonWireless! Really?!

I've been a customer for over 15 years maybe longer, but change is always a good thing I guess, inevitably. Ijs

Re: RCS Messaging (Chat Features)


I believe an update to the S9/10 brought RCS to the Samsung messages app as well as Google messages. 

Imaging my surprise when the note 10 came out without it.

Re: RCS Messaging (Chat Features)


Just bought the Note 10+ and see Chat Features are not enabled.  

Verizon, you need to get your act together.   

Re: RCS Messaging (Chat Features)


Just got word that RCS has been rolled out by Google to all Android phones so I tried it out on my Pixel 4, but guess what, VERIZON doesn't allow RCS. The feature is there, but all I get is a message that says it's not supported by my carrier. My guess is Apple has their hands in Verizon's pocket.

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